We are thrilled to announce that our Vintage Video Game Display, crafted by the talented Ian Harker, has been awarded the Best of Category for Point of Purchase – Floor/Stand Alone at the Neo Graphics Awards, hosted by the Print and Graphic Communication Association. This recognition is not only a testament to our commitment to excellence but also a heartfelt tribute to the founders of DMR Graphics, Ben & Dan Fein.

A Tribute to Our Founders

The choice to design a vintage arcade game as a centerpiece was a deliberate one, rooted in the rich history of DMR Graphics. It serves as a heartfelt tribute to the company’s founders, Ben & Dan Fein. These visionary entrepreneurs made their foray into the printing business in a serendipitous fashion when they acquired the merchandising license for the iconic video game, Pac-Man, back in the early 1980s.

At the time, Pac-Man was relatively unknown and was included in the licensing deal as a mere afterthought. It was bundled with licenses for t-shirt printing, yet little did they know that this seemingly small decision would change the course of their business forever. Shortly after, “Pac-Mania” swept across the United States, and they found themselves printing Pac-Man-themed t-shirts in multiple production facilities nationwide.

This unexpected success became the cornerstone upon which Diversified Screen Printing, the precursor to DMR Graphics, was built. Over time, Diversified Screen Printing transformed into the DMR Graphics we know today, a testament to the Fein brothers’ entrepreneurial spirit and their ability to seize opportunities when they arose.

The Making of the Vintage Video Game Display

Our award-winning Vintage Video Game Display was a labor of love, combining modern design techniques with a touch of nostalgia. Ian Harker played a pivotal role in bringing this display to life. The machine itself was meticulously constructed from Palboard, a durable and versatile material. To make it truly stand out, we employed neon and spot gloss printing on the SwissQ, ensuring that every detail shone with brilliance.

The header of the display was fashioned from 3mm Clear acrylic, featuring 2nd surface neon that added a captivating glow. The game screen, a vital component, was crafted from 6mm clear acrylic with 2nd surface droptix, lending depth and authenticity to the vintage gaming experience. The combination of these materials and techniques resulted in a display that evoked the golden age of arcade gaming.

Best of Category for Point of Purchase – Floor/Stand Alone

Winning the Best of Show award in our category at the Neo Graphics Awards is a profound honor for DMR Graphics. It not only recognizes our dedication to exceptional design and print techniques but also celebrates the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship that has been the bedrock of our company.

We are grateful to the Print and Graphic Communication Association for this accolade, and we look forward to continuing our tradition of excellence and creativity in the world of graphic design and printing.