Best Promotional Items For Banks & Financial Industry

No matter the type of business you run in the financial industry, you want to make sure your clients are happy and also build customer loyalty. This is true for businesses as varied as a bank, credit union, payroll company, or a savings and loans company. 

It has been reported that acquiring a new customer can be six to seven times more expensive than retaining the customers you currently have working with your business. This statistic shows just how much companies benefit from keeping their clients happy and engaged on a regular basis. 

One of the most effective ways of retaining clients is investing in custom promotional products. In fact, promotional items for banks can help form new relationships and establish stronger client relationships with existing customers. Here is a look at the benefits of bank promotional items and how they work to drive new opportunities and maintain existing business.

Benefits of Using Promotional Items

When banks and credit unions expand the custom promotional products they offer beyond those directly related to banking, the brand impression they create reaches further than the current financial transaction of their clients. High-quality, branded goods that market financial institutions (FIs) have the potential to:

Promotional items for banks that are used every day, such as apparel, a water bottle, or tote bag, keeps a company in the mind of consumers. These items help the company become part of the daily routine of customers even if the item does not directly relate to the services of the company. High-quality bank promotional items or products, that contain a personal touch, give the impression that the company has the best interests of its customers or members at heart. The sense of connection that comes from these promotional items builds strong relationships and develops brand loyalty.

Best Bank Promotional Items that Drive Branch Membership

Some popular standard Items that increase brand membership include:

1. Pens and mechanical pencils

2. Custom covers for checkbooks

3. Personalized deposit bags created for local businesses

4. Office supplies that are used daily such as folders, desktop organizers, sticky notes, and page-a-day calendars

5. Custom tote bags that feature local design elements

6. Notebooks and planners

Next level promotional items for customers or members include:

7. Premium drinkware that is ideal for every occasion: Ceramic mugs, titanium water bottles, insulated travel mugs, champagne flutes and martini glasses

8. Financial education materials that teach kids about saving money: Piggy bank, calculator, activity books

9. Outerwear apparel: Fleece jackets, sweatshirts, sunglasses, and vests

10. Money management items: Wallets, card holders, money clips

11. Keychain tools for social situations: Bottle openers and multitools

12. Power sources: USB and plug-in phone chargers

13. Fashion accessories: Scarves, socks and earrings

Lifestyle products for the daily needs of customers

14. Cooking at home: Measuring spoons and cups, cutting board, steak knives and mixing bowls 

15. Happy hour: Martini glasses, bottle stoppers, wine keys, cocktail shaker, and koozies

16. Coffee klatch: Stovetop espresso maker and pour-over coffee filter

17. Gym and fitness: dumbbells, running shoes, fitness class passes

18. Outdoor activities: Compass, headlamp, and solar charger

19. Stormy weather: Rain jacket and umbrella

20. Home improvement: Tape measure, level and screwdriver set

21. Downtime: Deck of cards, handheld travel puzzles, and clip-on book lamp

When you are ready to grow your brand with bank promotional items, Invoke has a wide selection of branded promotional products.

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