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B2B Marketing services that target your audience. Encompasses any channel that you use to promote your business or organization. We’ll consider your industry and target audience and help you find the right format to convey your message. Our creative team will use our extensive b2b marketing campaigns to help you reach your goals.


B2B marketing campaigns focus on targeting businesses. We will help build a successful  B2B campaign to help grow your business.

B2B Marketing Services
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Business to business advertising encompasses any channel that you use to promote your business or organization. We’ll consider your industry and target audience and help you find the right format to convey your message. Our creative team will use our extensive B2C and business to business marketing expertise to help you reach your goals.

Business-to-Business (B2B) Marketing Services

You understand what distinguishes your business from the rest in your vertical — but how do you effectively convey that information to your desired audience, generate leads, and ultimately, find customers? There are several considerations to take into account when coming up with an effective business-to-business marketing strategy for your company. Partnering with a B2B marketing company like Innvoke can help you achieve your goals.

B2B Lead Generation

Before you can even begin to move customers through your sales funnel, you need to find individuals potentially interested in your product or service. Generating leads in a B2B environment is undoubtedly more complex than in a B2C market, as there are many more factors in a business’s decision-making process. You will likely need multiple touchpoints before a customer begins to engage with your brand — this is where content marketing comes into play.

B2B Content Marketing

Content marketing is crucial for your prospects’ consideration process. Highly effective contact includes:

  • Answers to common questions your customers have about the product or service you provide
  • Showing your understanding of your customers’ pain points and how your business can address them
  • Demonstrating how you differentiate yourself from competitors

“Content” can be just about anything that accomplishes these objectives, but the format should make sense for your audience and the purpose of the piece. For example, a blog or infographic might be a good medium to share an overview of some information, while a whitepaper or eBook could offer a more in-depth look at your solution to your customer’s problem.

B2B Email Marketing

One common method of lead generation is collecting emails. Once you have a list of emails, you can work on developing an email marketing campaign to garner interest in your brand and encourage people to take action. You can set up automations in your email strategy so that visitors to your website will receive specific emails based on which pages they visited.

B2B Direct Mail Statistics

Many B2B marketers find that there is measurable value in direct mailing services as part of a multi-channel or omnichannel marketing strategy. Here are some key statistics about the effectiveness of direct mail marketing:

  • Direct mail that is targeted for a specific B2B audience has a response rate of 4.4%. This is nearly 37 times greater than email (.12%). (Source)
  • The act of opening mail has a more significant emotional impact than digital ads, and it can result in stronger brand recall even one week later. (Source)
  • For lead generation, one survey found that print marketing and direct mail made up some of the top sources at 8% and 6%, respectively. (Source)
  • Over 3/4 of marketers and executives (51% of whom represent B2B businesses) think that branded, personalized direct mail, when integrated into a marketing plan, is a highly effective channel. (Source)
  • Direct mail has a competitive cost-per-acquisition compared to other channels at about $19. This is lower than paid search ($21-30) and internet display ads ($41-50), and is comparable to social media ($16-18). (Source)

No matter what your B2B marketing needs are, from developing a lead generation strategy to creating custom marketing materials, Invoke has you covered. Reach out to us today for additional information on how our team can help take your operation to the next level!

Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Marketing Services

Need to find the best way to reach your customers? Our business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing experts will identify the right channels, both traditional and digital, to help you win over your audience and make them into customers.

What is B2C Marketing?

B2C marketing, short for business-to-consumer marketing, includes any strategies that you use to promote products or services to individuals. Since most purchases by individuals are based on a more immediate need — perhaps their heat stopped working, or they need to buy a new jacket for cooler weather. This means that less research will go into their decision-making process, and an emotional approach to advertising is often the most effective.

B2C marketing requires in-depth knowledge of your audience so that you can reach them at the right time and place. Today, one of the most popular ways to reach individuals is on social media, but the effectiveness of mailers and other printed media should not be discounted. Our experts will analyze your business and come up with a strategy that makes sense for your audience.

B2B & B2C Marketing Services in Princeton, New Jersey

Whether you’re trying to capture the attention of your target consumers or facilitate the needs of sizable organizations, our B2B and B2C marketing services in Princeton, NJ, help you craft captivating, on-brand marketing materials curated to your respective audience. Read to find out more about how our B2B and B2C marketing services can help bolster your operations? Contact us today!

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