Promote Your Business with Custom Bookmarks
Bookmarks are a creative way to connect with customers because they’ll see your logo and contact information every day. A custom bookmark also makes a great coupon, ticket, save-the-date notice or calendar.


A custom Bookmark is a great way to connect with customers, display a brand message, or advertise a service. It can even serve as wedding save-the-date cards! Custom-printed bookmarks also make great coupons, tickets, or business cards. Every time the book opens, your message will be there waiting!

Custom bookmarks are great for getting noticed. Perfect for businesses, school teachers, libraries, reading groups and more:

  • Businesses can use them as coupons or special event tickets.
  • Create a business bookmark with a call to action, such as your website, phone number or Facebook page.
  • Teachers or librarians can create custom bookmarks to motivate younger students or award someone a special achievement prize.
  • Church or reading groups can design a special members-only creation.
  • For Birthdays, holidays or baby showers, tuck a personalized bookmark within the front pages of a special book to add something extra memorable.

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2×8 in Single Sided, 2×8 in Double Sided


Round Corner


HP Indigo



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