Dry Erase Board-Poster

Allegra’s Custom Dry Erase Posters will turn your wall into a whiteboard. Personalize with designs to track your to-do lists, leave fun notes for your family or roommates, or track your appointments with a calendar design.


Organize your day with our custom print dry erase posters.

Use these posters within your home or office for tracking your appointments in a calendar format, writing down a to-do list, or a grocery list. Apply them to any indoor flat surface with our removable adhesive. Dry Erase Posters are also perfect for office buildings, conference rooms, and functional spaces that need white space to record and discuss the best thoughts and ideas.

Customize the Dry Erase Poster with your favorite graphics, your company logo, or a goal thermometer. Dry Erase Posters are great for sales meetings, training sessions, seminars and more! The dry erase functionality allows messages, notes and lists to be changed, altered and added to at will. These posters can be used in countless different ways as well as moved over and over again to wherever needed.

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12×18, 22×24, 24×36


UV Coating, Double Sided


HP Indigo



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