eCommerce is a booming industry full of moving parts, ever-changing inventory, and fast-paced fulfillment deadlines. One of the best ways to stay on top of your eCommerce business’s growth strategy and customer satisfaction is adding custom kitting, assembly and packaging services to your shipping and handling process.

Custom Kitting & Packaging Services


Kitting and assembly are typically used in tandem. Kitting, assembly, and packaging services are some of the many fulfillment services offered by third-party companies seeking to handle shipping and handling for other companies.

Kitting is the process of packaging items that arrive as separate pieces of inventory into a single grouping of items that customers will then be able to purchase. The need for kitting services may present itself if your product is frequently shipped in bulk or you need to reorganize your products to allow for bulk shipment.

Kitting and assembly allow your products to be ready to ship at any time, so your customers can enjoy an expedited delivery. Packaging and kitting services are best utilized when your products are frequently purchased as a set under a single SKU; it is not a solution for unpredictable order combinations of multiple products.

Any qualified company that offers packaging and kitting services will be able to advise you on the best solutions for your unique eCommerce business. It’s important to understand that kitting services aren’t always an effective solution for every business type.

Survey Packets

Kitting and assembly services are especially beneficial for businesses that rely on surveys to collect data and organize their business practice. At Innvoke, our packaging and kitting services can help streamline all aspects of your survey project, from printing, mailing, and fulfillment to personalized checks, data processing, and analytics. We excel at even the most complicated of projects!

Whether you want to outsource every aspect of your survey administration or you only need help in one specific area of your business, Innvoke has a worthwhile solution and strategy for you.

Alumni Kits

At Innvoke, we are delighted to put together excellent alumni kits for universities seeking to thank their dedicated alumni with personalized gear featuring the student’s graduation year and major, as well as tailored informational packets about donation options.


While eCommerce businesses have seen a growing need for kitting and assembly services in recent years, hospitals have long benefited from easy-to-access and ready-to-ship kits. With Innvoke, we seek to become your hospital’s go-to for custom kit development and distribution service.

New Jersey hospitals rely on our kitting services in various ways, significant of which is personalized patient packets. Hospitals will often send out personalized information, photographs, and memorabilia to parents who have recently welcomed newborns.

Retail Signage Kitting

Whether you are running a promotional campaign or reinvigorating the signage in your retail space, at Innvoke, we are thrilled to take on retail signage kitting projects of all sizes. From design to print and install, retail signage kitting services streamline your business’s ability to create eye-catching displays with maximum efficiency.

Some examples of retail signage kitting services we offer extend to the design, print, and installation of:

  • Banners
  • Valances
  • Wall Graphics
  • Pop Signage
  • Aisle Directories
  • Lit Signage with Silicone Edge Graphics

If you operate a large retail business, kitting services allow for an incredible capacity for customization. With our retail signage kitting services you can customize the kits you send to individual stores, ship on an as-needed basis as store space becomes available, and house your excess signage in our facilities.

For more information about our packaging and kitting services, reach out to our team today!



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