Nonprofit Marketing Services

We are passionate about partnering with nonprofit organizations to participate in and further their mission with our nonprofit marketing services. We continually work with diverse organizations to produce and distribute print communications and possess an intimate understanding of the nonprofit marketing needs of the voluntary sector, including engaging collateral and donor appeals that come in various shapes and sizes.

Our team knows how it feels to be deeply invested in a mission, and we work diligently to impart that dedication to your nonprofit marketing campaigns. Since our partnership with you directly impacts the relationships you have with donors and supporters, we strive to provide print materials that act as tangible ambassadors for your organization’s goals and values. These include annual reports, brochures, signage, pamphlets and postcards, and additional custom printed materials to showcase your brand or idea. With the right partner and nonprofit marketing strategies in place, you can enhance your organization’s brand awareness, reach new audiences, and facilitate your objective by taking poignant messaging and turning it into positive action.

Nonprofit Marketing Services



Fundraising MATERIALS

Printed materials are an integral part of just about every marketing campaign, regardless of whether it’s showcasing a product or supporting a cause. However, the details of any effective marketing efforts vary greatly when considering the objective in question — which, for most nonprofit organizations, includes fundraising. With so much at stake, it’s critical to turn to the marketing experts that have you and your organization’s best interests in mind — and the experience to fully realize them.

Fundraising materials include newsletter brochures, nonprofit postcards and donation mailers to event invite cards and custom signage for functions of all sizes, our team delivers on high-quality print marketing solutions to broadcast your efforts to local and nationwide audiences and to raise the funds to propel your organization’s efforts forward. Every grassroots movement starts with clear, compelling messaging — and print marketing is a vital component in getting the conversation started.

Most nonprofit marketing campaigns operate with limited resources — which is why using resources wisely can make a world of difference! By partnering with us, we’ll consult you on materials and strategies that keep your messaging and budget in mind.


Nonprofit printing for donor retention is effective in spreading your message repeatedly and are measurably impactful over time!

We’re here to help you find new donors and volunteers and engage with your current partners. Our custom marketing materials are designed to establish your organization as a primary resource for pertinent information, follow up quickly with a personal touch, and engage first-time donors to form genuine relationships with individuals and benefactors that are with you and your team members for the long haul.

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Further Your Mission with Nonprofit PRINTING SERVICES

Whether you’re looking to design custom print solutions for your new organization, distribute updated materials for an annual campaign, or revamp your entire brand’s messaging — we’re here to help! For more information about print marketing and mailing services, reach out to the team at Innvoke today.

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