Hosting a professional event is undoubtedly a massive undertaking. There’s no shortage of arrangements to make: preparing relevant presentation materials, scheduling keynote speakers, securing a venue, setting up vendor booths, providing refreshments for attendees — the list goes on. In addition, a substantial amount of focus is also placed on spreading the word that it’s happening! This most likely includes social media campaigns to drum up interest — but your promotion shouldn’t come to a halt there. It should consist of various print marketing materials and strategies that garner interest before, during, and after the event.

As such, it’s imperative to partner with print marketing professionals who are ready to maximize your event promotion initiatives! From the timely distribution of promotional materials and custom-designed signage to providing attendees with takeaways and printed solutions that function as physical touchpoints with customers, the team at Innvoke can help you make the most out of your event — and its ripple effect on your business thereafter.

An empty business event venue with several rows of chairs and a speaker system seen in the gathering area.

Events give you a space to promote your brand, attract prospective customers, and close sales. While the opportunity is there, the materials you use can make or break your success. One of the best methods to distinguish your organization from the crowd is by utilizing high-quality custom signs and inviting displays to catch the eye of attendees and draw them to your offerings. Each event sign is an opportunity to make a positive impression on attendees and reinforce your message. That’s why choosing the right signage for your event is critical!


Are you attending a trade show and looking for custom signs to direct attendees to your booth? Do you need sponsor signs, welcome flags, pop-up banners, and additional signage for promotion? How about campaign or political signs for an upcoming event? No matter the occasion, signage plays a vital role in your reach and impact. We offer the following:

Of course, you don’t have to go with one signage option — in fact, we encourage you to implement multiple for the big day(s)! Are you unsure of which ones are relevant to your specific event? No worries — we’re here to help you plan. Our print marketing experts have years of experience helping businesses of varying sizes and industries. You can rely on the team at Innvoke to work with you to find the ideal combination of signs and graphics to make a splash. Depending on the event, its duration, and the venue, we can make recommendations regarding types of material, size, and installation of all signage.



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