3 Mistakes to Avoid in Sign Printing

While it might seem odd to be happy about making a mistake, they do give you the opportunity to learn from them and make changes moving forward in life. Having said that, you want to avoid making a mistake when printing signs because it can put you behind schedule and have a negative impact on your budget. This is especially true if  you are in the business of printing signs, such as  large format sign printing, as even the smallest errors can become big problems that cost you time and money. It helps to know the steps to take before you start the sign making process which is why we have made a list of three business signage tips that will help you avoid common mistakes that others have made in the past.

Pick the Right Medium For Your Print Signage

The choice of the right medium for printing signs can make all the difference in the impact they make on the public. For example, don’t use banner material for permanent signs. Banners are an affordable choice for businesses looking to hang temporary signs but hanging banners above business doors makes the company look temporary (at best) and this does not give the business a professional look.

On the other hand, permanent signs are usually made with hard materials or substrates. The use of these materials gives a quality, professional look that emphasizes you are here for the long run which will bring in more customers to your sign shop.

When considering the process of producing your business sign, don’t choose the most expensive material just because you think the price makes it the best choice. Trust your designer to help you choose cost-effective materials that fit your budget, deliver the message you want to share with consumers and are also the most durable choice for the weather conditions your sign will face each day. An outdoor sign is impacted by the changing weather while an indoor lobby sign will be housed in a safer, protected environment.

Print Signage Design Pitfalls

The growing use of low cost design software for sign printing has resulted in some business owners thinking they can handle their own design needs. This approach might work well for tasks such as designing small ads for local papers or trade magazines. However when it comes to designing a custom business sign, it is best to trust the task to a professional design firm.

Another design pitfall is not spelling words correctly during the design and proofing process.  It happens far too often and it is also a warning sign to the public that you are not paying enough attention to the details of your business. Thankfully, your sign design company will send you a proof before they produce the final sign but it is up to you to proofread the copy and make sure it is exactly how you want it to read. After you approve the proof, the responsibility for the final product is in your hands even if you missed errors during the proofreading process.

Keep the size of your sign in mind during the design process. Do you want the sign to be legible from 100 feet? If so, the minimum letter height should be four inches. Or do you want the sign to be legible from 1000 feet away? If so, make sure the minimum letter height is no less than 43 inches tall.  When choosing a font, keep it legible and not too fancy. The decision to contrast the letter color with the background color will enhance the legibility of the sign and help your message stand out.

Forgetting about Bleed on Print Signage

This is a simple error but it is also one of the most common mistakes made when printing signs.  Forgetting about bleed, or not including enough bleed in a design, can lead to trouble when it comes to the printed results that need to be finished at a later date.  While you might want to depend on the print recognition system of your cutting table, the actual cutting path has a good chance of differing from the printed result. In other words, it is better to be safe than sorry so don’t forget about the bleed!

If you want help making sure you follow these business signage tips, contact Innvoke today. 

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