3 Ways To Increase Your ROI With Custom Store Signage

Custom store signage for retail locations is often one of the cheapest (in price) and most effective advertising tools a small business has when it comes to growing sales. Well designed custom store signs that are placed in the perfect spot can convey relevant and concise information to consumers while also increasing ROI by a large amount.  There are many signage solutions available to businesses of all sizes. Follow the tips below to make sure you are following the right steps to get the most out of your store signage! 

Increase Store Traffic With Well Designed Store Signage

The public can instantly tell a lot about a company by viewing its outdoor signage. It is not an exaggeration to say custom store signage delivers the first impression of a business and it also plays a large part in getting people to enter a store (which grows foot traffic)

A thoughtfully designed sign that is placed in a high traffic area delivers the desired ROI in a number of ways. The sign increases the visibility of the business and it also creates a persona for the store in the mind of consumers. If you want to create a strong and positive foothold in the market, an investment in outdoor signs and store boards is a good starting point.

Location of Retail Signage is a Priority

The decision of where custom store signs are displayed, as well as how you decide to display the signage, is as important as the design elements and content of the signage. It is obvious to say customers will not know about a promotion if they don’t see the sign. This idea also applies to people searching for your signage so they can find your store. The speed and ease in which customers find your shop, office or event can completely impact their perception of your business (good or bad). It can even influence purchase decisions as consumers are impatient and they will quickly stop searching if they can’t find what they need in a timely manner.

The sign industry has certain standards in place that dictate where customers look to find your signage. Directional signage hangs down from the ceiling or it is higher than eye-level so customers can easily see it while shopping. Promotional signage needs to be positioned at eye-level in a window display or at ground level on the street to attract the gaze of those who are passing by the store. 

Focus On Audience Benefits To Increase ROI From Custom Store Signage

The majority of customers who notice your signage are not going to read it if it has enough text to qualify as a brochure. The copy needs to be easy to read and also get to the point as fast as possible as consumers walk past the store or wait impatiently in line. In order to convince customers to buy a specific product or take advantage of an offer, make sure your marketing message focuses on the benefits of the product, service, offer or event or simply visiting your business. 

Use bold and concise language when you are designing your retail signs. There is nothing worse than too many words on a retail sign. Don’t clutter the marketing message of your store. Simply use the minimum amount of words that are needed to deliver your message.

Follow these tips to enjoy increased ROI thanks to your custom store signage.

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