5 Tips to Better Point of Purchase Displays

It’s a fact that Point of Purchase Displays can increase sales for a specific product.

But what can you do with those POP displays so that they increase sales even more?

Based on the fact that these custom retail displays rely on catching the attention of customers to stand out and are typically moving products that need a little push you’ll find that there are a number of considerations to address that if done well can generate results that are much higher than what you see on average.

In this article we’ll share with you 5 tips to increase sales using Point of Purchase Displays.

POP Display Location Matters!

In real estate, you’ve probably heard the phrase “location, location, location.” This aphorism also applies to POP displays as well. It’s just as crucial where within your store you place the display as it is how it looks. A good question to ask is, “Does this location make sense for this product?” or “Are other complimentary products near this location?”. If your POP display isn’t working properly, it could be because it’s in the wrong spot. When deciding where to place these products you are trying to promote, keep the target audience in mind. A display of boxed chocolates, for example, would sell well in the floral area of a grocery store, but not so well near the health food or dietary supplements.

Know Your Intended Audience

After you’ve determined the best position for your POP display, the next step is to create the messaging. Knowing who your intended audience is, is a key consideration when creating your product display. Having a really strong understanding of your audience makes it very easy to develop a display and visuals that will communicate the appropriate message to meet their demands. Is your target audience a frantic shopper looking for a better snack? A woman with children looking for convenience and time savings? A man looking for outdoor activities? Knowing who you’re talking to makes it easy to tailor your graphics and message to their specific needs.

Create an Experience with your POP Display

Experience displays, both digital and non-digital, may provide consumers with an interesting and interactive experience. Displays with quizzes or that guide the buyer through the purchasing process attract a lot of attention. They provide value to the customer while improving brand familiarity, which works well for firms that have a variety of offers. A cannabis firm, for example, may employ a touchscreen computer display to quiz customers and route them to the finest items for the desired experience.

Be Concise; Keep Your Message Clear, Short, and to the Point

With limited space on your display, it is critical that your messaging be brief and to the point. Don’t strive to say too much; instead, say only what is required. Choose one or two of your product’s primary features, and if necessary, utilize a picture to express more. You just have a few seconds to make a good first impression. Let’s get to the point!

Most Importantly, Use POP Displays to Tell Your Own Story

Every business and product has a unique selling proposition (USP), which is the primary reason why their product is superior to the competitors. What is it about your product that keeps customers coming back for more? Knowing this information allows you to design a display that accentuates that reason using graphics, color, size, and text! Your USP should speak to the consumer’s wants and the results they want from utilizing your product.

By implementing any or all of the tips listed above you’ll be well on your way to increasing sales for products using custom point of purchase displays that customers can’t resist.

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