A Guide To Vinyl Banner Printing: Materials, Sizes and Hanging Methods

When it comes to marketing a business, vinyl banners are one of the most successful and recognizable types of signs used by a wide range of companies. Business owners and nonprofit organizations use banners to deliver important messaging that is relevant to consumers and donors such as a sale, promotion or event. The message delivered by professional vinyl banner printing compels the public to take a desired action and interact with a business.  The overall effectiveness of the banner can be determined by the vinyl banner size as well as its placement which means businesses need to know how to hang banners for maximum impact. 

Take a look below as we guide you through picking the best options for your vinyl banners

Different Types of Vinyl Banners

What Size Are Vinyl Banners

In general, the most popular banner sizes are 2’x4’, 3’x6’ and 4’x8’. However, your choice of vinyl banner sizes is limitless but your printing company might have restrictions. Most companies have printer restrictions that limit them to printing a banner up to 5 ft. high and any number wide. Thankfully, that is a large enough banner for anything short of covering a high-rise building.

Consider Where To Display Your Vinyl Signs

Like they say in real estate….Location! Location! Location! 

Hanging a banner against a wall means you need grommets (metal rings on the edge of your banner). Printers usually include grommets at no extra charge.  If you use a hanging system that requires poles, make sure your banner is compatible with the system by measuring a banner you are currently using. It should be slightly larger than the printed area so it can hang properly. 

Keep the above information on hand when you are ordering from a printer. If you have any questions or concerns, address them with your printer before you start your vinyl banner printing project.

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