Benefits Of Unique Health And Safety Promotional Items

Today more than ever, people are highly focused on health and safety due to the effects of constant COVID-19 reminders. But what that means is there is a huge opportunity for you to positively engage your customers by providing them with health and safety specific promotional items. Everyone loves swag but by giving them a functional item that won’t just get tossed to the side you’ll be able to stay in front of customers more often.

While this can be great for business, we also thought it would be good to share with you the benefits of these promo items here as well.

First let’s look at a list of some of the most popular health and safety promotional products.

15 Unique Health and Safety Promotional Products

Below is a list of the most popular health and safety promo items that customers are using heavily and actually appreciating instead of just throwing them in a drawer somewhere.

  • Branded Hand sanitizer
  • Masks and Mask Holders
  • Branded toothbrushes
  • Branded Hot/Cold Packs 
  • Branded PPE: Face shields, gloves, googlesBranded LED Flashlights
  • Branded Pill Sorter
  • Adjustable Elastic Headlamps
  • Ponchos featuring your company logo
  • Branded First Aid Kits 
  • Vehicle Escape Tools 
  • Branded Auto Safety Pouches
  • Branded Reflective Vests
  • Branded Personal Alarms
  • Emergency Single Use Phone Charger

While this list is not exhaustive, we do find that these specific promo products cover the large majority of items that people love to get, use and hold on to for a long time. Doing one or more of these is a guaranteed winner.

Benefits of Branded Health & Safety Promotional Items

We feel the name basically implies the biggest benefits of each type of unique promotional product (health promo items and safety promo items). Health promo products “promote” good health and Safety promo products provide some level of safety for the user.

Let’s look at a couple of examples.

A branded flashlight is very functional and the perfect example of a safety promotional product that gives your customer the ability to see what they are doing or where they are going in a dark situation. Not only is it functional but the feeling of having that when you need it is highly positive and ties that positive feeling back to your brand.

Branded hand sanitizer is another great health promotional product example that will be used very often. Your customers are using hand sanitizer throughout the day which gives your brand a high level of exposure while reducing the level of exposure your customers have to germs, which keeps them aware of your brand and safe at the same time. People LOVE hand sanitizer.

So if you are thinking about what to get your customers, team or prospects, maybe give health and safety promotional items a look because they are generating a huge return for those who send them out.

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