Custom Sign Considerations Before You Print

Before you make the final decision to use custom sign printing for your storefront or somewhere else at your business, there are a lot of things you need to consider.  Some of these custom sign considerations should be decided before you even get to the sign design stage of the project. In addition, there are other factors that need to be decided when creating the actual sign design.  Take a look below for more about the considerations to keep in mind whether you plan on using large signage or other sizes for your custom signage. We want to help you learn how to properly answer these questions in order to create the most eye-catching and effective signage for your business

Strategic Considerations for Print Signage

Before you sit down to plan your sign design, you need to consider a few things that play into the design of the sign.  Thinking of these now can save you time, money and having to go back to the drawing board for an updated design and/or reprinting a new sign because of the changes you want to make to the design.

  • Where will the sign be located? In addition to picking a prime location for your sign, you should consider alternative vantage points. For example, your sign might have a great view from one direction but it could be blocked by trees or wires from another perspective.  If the signage is moving, there will likely be lower resolution than stationary ads or ads that are viewed up close.
  • Will your sign stand out?  Your sign needs to stand out against the backdrop it is being placed against. If you plan on placing the sign on a neutral wall, give it some color to pop in the eyes of the public. 
  • Who is your target audience? When you design a sign, determine your audience and keep them in mind during the custom sign printing process. Your target audience impacts the language you use along with the colors on the sign and the call to action.  

Design Elements of Custom Print Signage

Now that you know what to consider before you create a design, here are some important items to consider when creating a custom sign. 

  • Minimalism is key. Effective signs put the most important message front and center. Keep it simple and make sure people understand your message at first glance.
    This tip isn’t limited to large signage. People who pass by a sidewalk sign will take a look. If they like the headline, they will stop and read further. If they can’t tell the products or services you are selling, they will keep going.
  • Use high contrast colors to make custom signage stand out. The easier it is to see your sign, the more effective it will be in the long run. Use high contrast colors (such as black on white or purple on yellow) to stand out when people pass by your sign. 
    Even if you are the only billboard for miles, you are competing against other cars, phone calls and vehicle passengers for attention to your sign. You want to make sure viewers can understand it in a glance. This is also true in more crowded environments when you are fighting for attention alongside other signs selling competing products.
    High-contrast colors are important because colors that blend together can cause a sign to be less effective. Consumers will ignore or be annoyed by signs that are hard to read or view which is not going to help you land a customer. 
  • Use the least controversial font to ensure signage readability. Many people in the field of typography maintain that Comic Sans is a bad font but other fonts can be disastrous in delivering your message.
    If an unusual font makes sense to use, limit it to the logo of the sign. Even if you are promoting a renaissance festival, a medieval font can be hard to read and will result in fewer attendees. For the rest of the sign, use a standard font like Arial, Calibri, or Helvetica. 
  • Use high resolution Images that are properly rendered to make your signage stand out. Let’s face it – A pixelated image says your company is careless and cheap. The right file size is crucial for printing. A standard download image on a billboard will look terrible when it is enlarged.

The process of enlarging photos to huge proportions without resulting in pixelation requires experience and professional programs. There are reasons sign printing services use specific templates and sizes. These programs are used to size everything correctly but they require properly rendered, photo-quality images that give you the look of a professional, high-quality brand.

No matter the purpose of your custom print sign, it is important to consider the items listed in this blog.  When you’re ready to print, Invoke is here to help!


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