How Long Do Floor Graphics Last?

Custom floor graphics are an excellent way to get the attention of consumers and share store information including promotions, specials, as well as directing people to certain parts of the store.  While the experience of printed floor graphics among the public has mostly been graphics installed inside a store, exterior floor graphics can also attract attention and compel customers to enter a store. Businesses enjoy the way they are able to increase sales, but a floor graphic lifespan is often limited to about five to eight months. Let’s take a look at the factors that impact the answer to, “How long do floor graphics last?”

Factors that Affect the Lifespan of Floor Graphics

Even though custom floor graphics generally have a standard lifespan, there are multiple factors that can be the determining factor in their length of service. The items listed below can either extend or limit a floor graphic lifespan: 

Amount of Foot Traffic 

If you experience a good amount of foot traffic in the area of your printed floor graphics, you can typically expect to see the graphics last somewhere on the lower end of the floor graphic lifespan range.  On the other hand, if you don’t see much foot traffic in that area, you can expect to see a longer life for exterior floor graphics (as well as interior floor graphics).

Materials Used 

The materials used to create your floor graphics plays a big part in how long they will last.  The thickness of the graphic helps determine the durability and life of your floor graphic.  In addition, the use of solvent based, water resistant inks help to expand the life of your floor graphic.

Cleaning Methods

The cleaning solutions and equipment you use for your floors can affect how long the floor graphics lasts. Harsh chemicals tend to break down the graphics quicker while abrasive equipment can cause damage or peel the floor graphic which greatly decreases its lifespan.


If the graphic is not installed or adhered to the ground properly, it will quickly peel or sustain damage to the point it will not last very long. Be sure and take the extra steps necessary to seal the graphic to the floor to extend its lifespan.

How Long Should You Leave a Floor Graphic In Place?

When it comes to “how long do floor graphics last,” there are times when you only need the graphics to last for a specific length of time. The amount of time can range from a few days for a sale or event to several months for a quarterly promotion. You might need them to last for several years if they are used for directional purposes at your business.

If the length of time is related to a certain sale or event, you can use cheaper materials and finishes that do not require the same amount of durability as graphics intended for long-term usage. On the other hand, if the floor graphics will be a permanent feature of the decor of the store or business, you will want them to last much longer which means you need a better quality of material along with the best finish possible. You might even consider sealing the graphics to help ensure they last a long time.

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