If you own a retail location, chances are you have purchased your fair share of signage for your storefront. Retail signage not only tells your customers where to find you, but it tells them how to find you and what your brand is about. For you to convert curious passersby into returning customers, you need to provide your customers with a clear message, easy-to-follow directions, and readily-accessible information about your store, brand, services, and product.

In this guide, you’ll find a few crucial tips on effectively using retail signage to support your company’s goals and objectives.

Don’t Shy Away from Size

One of the reasons to favor large font size is that it automatically makes your brand accessible to senior citizens and other individuals with visual impairment. A larger font size also maximizes your signage’s ability to be seen from a distance.

When choosing a font for your sign, heed the advice of the signage experts at Innvoke. While it makes sense to get creative with your signage, there are a few general rules. You’ll want your chosen font to be easy to read and easy to scale to larger font size. For this reason, it’s generally a good idea to stay away from cursive and script fonts.

Consider the Purpose and Location of Your Signage

In the world of retail signage, there is a need for both indoor and outdoor signage. Within both of those categories, there are subcategories for the specific function of the sign. For outdoor signage, your design must be eye-catching, vibrant, and in many cases, witty. Outdoor signage is meant to capture your customer’s attention and lure them towards your storefront. For this reason, it’s recommended that outdoor signage change frequently to grab your customer’s attention and continued engagement consistently. Outdoor signage is an excellent place to utilize humor and draw attention to your promotional offerings and sales.

Whether it’s floor graphics or aisle directories, it’s important that wayfinding and directional signage copy is written clearly and concisely. The goal of wayfinding signage is to limit confusion and efficiently direct your customers to your products. Wayfinding signage must be ADA compliant and easy to understand.

Incorporate Color Theory Into Your Signage’s Design

While signage copy places some necessary limits on creativity, design elements are a good place to create eye-catching and visually appealing intrigue to your retail signage. With retail signage, you should have a clear brand vision, and the colors you choose should be aligned with that. Contrast is vital with signage, so it’s important to utilize a strong grasp of color therapy into your signage’s design.

While there are best practices to keep in mind, we understand that every business is unique — that’s where Innvoke steps in! We look forward to speaking with you about how we can create the most impactful signage for your company’s needs.