Increase Sales With These Retail Store Signage Tips

In the current competitive retail environment, visual merchandisers and marketers always need to be on the lookout for ways to gain an edge on their competitors. With holiday shopping starting, retail store signage is an ideal way to gain an advantage. Retail store signs get the attention of customers, entice them to enter the business, and encourage them to make a purchase once they are in the building.

You need to remember that retail signage needs to be designed and created with intent so your marketing message does not miss the mark. Here are some recommendations and strategies that will help you turn your retail signage ideas into effective signage for your store.

Use Outdoor Signage to Bring Customers Inside

One of the main goals of retail signage is to increase foot traffic and drive sales by getting customers in the door. In order to accomplish this task, a business must capture the attention of consumers using signage outside the store premises.  Outdoor signage is quite popular in pedestrian-friendly commercial areas of cities. They attract attention and share short and compelling information that is designed to set an expectation about the experience consumers can expect inside the store.

Use Directional Signage

Informational signage is intended to do exactly what the name implies. This is signage used to inform customers by directing movement, organizing the flow of traffic, and guiding customers so they can easily navigate a store. This type of retail store signage gives you the ability to control the flow of traffic in your store and guide the movements of customers. Directional signage tells them where the bathroom is located, how to find the stairs or elevator, and other important store layout information. When designing informational signage, use bold fonts that are large and include highly-visible color schemes to make it simple for customers to find them.

Persuasive Language Can Increase Sales

Persuasive signage attempts to influence the behavior of customers and get them to perform a desired action based on your sales goals. These signs capture the gaze of customers and draw attention to newly launched or seasonal products or they simply try to increase your overall sales numbers.

<h2>Your Retail Signage Font Matters</h2>

There are some business owners who might not realize the value of picking the right font or typography style for their signage. On the other hand, a visual merchandiser would be sure and stress its importance. Typography gives your store a certain identity and common examples include a trademarked font that makes the brand recognizable, a regal font that generates a feeling of luxury, or a classic font that promotes traditional values. The font of your text-based signage can create the right idea about what your brand stands for and who can benefit from the products. 

Make sure your font is simple to read. According to popular design best practices, only two font families should be used in a single sign and they should be serif and sans-serif. Remember that potential customers won’t take the time to guess at the meaning of sloppy signage. Plus, they are less likely to buy a product after being exposed to poorly designed  signage.

Using a combination of our retail signage tips will help drive foot traffic and increase sales!

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