Quad-Fold Brochure Sizes - What are They?

The choice of the fold in a brochure often depends on the personal preference of the marketing and design team of a company. One of the most popular folds is the quad-fold brochure thanks to its versatility. This type of fold can be used in almost any marketing scenario which makes it an ideal choice for a business or member organization of any size.

While some brochures and pamphlets are known by different names, they are essentially the same thing. Keep reading as we go into greater detail about these brochures including quad-fold brochure sizes you should consider.

What is a Quad-Fold Brochure?

A quad-fold brochure is folded in a manner that gives it four distinct sections or panels. This fold will actually give you eight different faces that can be printed. However, the name comes from the four separate sections that make up the brochure. Depending on how it is folded, it might be known as an accordion fold if it is actually folded like an accordion (and not folded in on itself). There is no limit to how many sections can be made with an accordion fold which means not all accordion folds are quad-fold.

What are the Most Common Quad-Fold Brochure Sizes?

When it comes to available size choices that are related to quad-fold brochures, you have quite a few options. Take a look at our list of the most common sizes for this type of brochure as well as a little more information about each of them. 

All of the sizes we just discussed are when the brochures are completely unfolded. When they are folded, the dimensions are smaller and the final look depends on your design choice and orientation. 

Ready to put the marketing power of quad-fold brochures to work for your business? Call our design team today.

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