The question behind the question.

Choose to work with people who look to understand the question behind the question. It’s easy to find someone to answer your question, heck just Google it. It’s harder to find someone to seek the question behind the question. Let me explain what this means to you by sharing a story I heard from Disney.

One of the most asked questions in Disney World is “When does the 3pm parade start?” If you are like many people you are thinking, uh, the 3pm parade probably starts at 3pm. If you are focused on service, like we are, you might be able to think of some of the questions behind the question. Those customers aren’t really asking what time the parade starts. They are asking things like . . .

‘Do I have time to run my kid to the restroom before the parade starts?’
‘When does the parade pass by where we are standing?’
‘Is the parade coming from that way or the other way?’
‘Are we in a good place to see the parade?’

When you work with the team at we are listening for the question behind the question. When we are asked, “Do you do personalized mailings?” We listen for “We need more customers and heard that adding personalization increases response by 84%. Can you help us get more customers?”. When you ask, “Can you put samples in our mailing for us? We listen for “We are swamped with our regular work and need some extra help with hand assembly. Can you make our job easier?”. When you inquire, “Can you show me any samples?” We are picking up what you are putting down. “I don’t know you yet and I don’t want to look bad by picking the wrong partner. Can you show me the quality of your work so I can choose with confidence?”

We are here for you. We own the factory that delivers on the promises you make. Buy from your local experts at  Go ahead, ask us about your mailings, kitting and samples, we’ll listen carefully for the question behind the question. We want you to succeed, let us help you!

You are looking for our help to help you deliver a result for you. What does it look like when you are crushing it? How can we help you? We have 30+ years of experience and have been part of many success stories. We’ll happily share those stories with you so you can learn from our experiences with other customers like you.

Tip for you: Listen for the question behind the question when you are talking with your customer, team or boss. You and they will be better for it.

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Want us to share a specific win from one of our customers? Let us know what you are looking for and we’ll do our best to add a post specific to your question

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