Tips for Printing on Presentation Folders

Presentation pocket folders are used by all types of businesses for a number of purposes. It’s important to have all types of pocket folders on hand since you may never know when you need them and what type of pocket folder is the best choice at the time.  

Are you looking for presentation folder printing tips to make sure your folders stand out and make a lasting impression on your customers? If so, keep reading as we share the top tips  on how to print on pocket folders for your business

How Is a Presentation Folder Printed?

Pocket folders are created using printing flat press sheets just like any other printed materials. The press sheets are then cut down in bulk as well as die-cut using custom made dies that are designed to achieve the desired shape. Pocket folders are then finished by folding and gluing the pockets to the folder. We know so much about their production because our pocket folder printers create high-quality, exceptional prints for your business.

Tips for Printing on Pocket Folders

  1. Paper Coatings

Some of the most popular choices for pocket folders include gloss, uncoated paper, and UV coatings. In addition, matte coating provides a great finish but it can easily become marked and gain visible fingerprints during the production process.  

  1. Presentation Folder Customizations

There are multiple folder customizations you can make during presentation folder printing.  For example, you can make custom die-cuts or customize the folder by adding your company logo. The addition of an embossing or foil stamp to your folder will make your customized folder stand out from the crowd.

  1. Make Sure to Include These Things On Your Folder

Make sure to include some, or all, of these items in your design:

  1. Types of Paper to Consider

When it comes to paper choices for your pocket folders, select a durable paper weight that will withstand multiple people handling it (such as a 10 or 12 point cover). Textured papers such as linen, metallic, and woven provide a unique touch that gives a little bit “extra” to your pocket folders.

  1. Types of Inks to Use for Presentation Folder Printing


A pre-mixed PMS ink is a cost-effective option if the design only has one color. It’s also ideal if you need to match the precise hue of the colors of your company branding as you will not see the slight variations that are sometimes present with CMYK.


Multicolor designs are ideal for CMYK ink AKA the four color process. This method provides access to a full spectrum of color (even though some hues like navy blue and orange are more difficult to produce).

Now that you have the information you need to customize your presentation folders, you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd and get the attention of current and future customers! 

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