Top 3 Print Marketing Strategy Tips for 2023

The New Year is here and that means it is time for the start of your new or updated print marketing strategy.  You might have used print marketing in a past marketing plan or it might be a marketing idea that never made the final cut. Either way, we are going to share the top three tips you need to know when it comes to creating print campaigns for your business. Print marketing has remained one of the most successful ways to reach consumers and engage with your target audience. For example, studies have found that print strategies such as direct mail are now more effective in getting the attention of the public than their digital counterpart.  

Let’s look at the top three tips so you can begin to improve or enhance your 2023 print marketing strategy. 

Marketing Strategies are Trending Away from Digital Platforms

The early and less focused days of Internet advertising are becoming a thing of the past.  The digital space is more crowded than ever before and the mood of the country often means  political controversy follows major digital advertising platforms. Plus, major brands that impact the lives of almost everyone, like Apple and Google, are starting to enact strict restrictions on the amount of data marketers are able to easily access on a daily basis. As a result, digital ad prices continue to grow while digital ad results are starting to decline.  

In order to keep email inboxes from being too crowded, most email programs are sophisticated enough to send the majority of marketing emails to spam.  Thankfully, direct mail technology is showing improved response rates as engagement with direct mail is larger thanks to personalized variable data printing (VDP) and interactivity with QR codes.  Plus, advances in targeting means your direct mail piece can be successfully delivered  to any demographic you desire. 

Use Digital Data to Make Print Marketing Decisions

Enhanced print products like variable data printing and targeted direct mail allow you to identify specific audience segments based on demographic data collected from users of your website.  You can also use digital data in a print campaign by reviewing mobile phone usage on your site.  If the public uses their mobile phones to interact with your site, send them a postcard with a QR code that highlights your location in a maps app or send them a discounted offer they can redeem in the near future. While there are multiple ways to incorporate digital data in planning a print marketing strategy, it is important to make sure and use that data throughout the year.

Plan Ahead and Avoid Supply Chain Shortages

One issue facing the print world that looks to continue in 2023 is the ongoing print paper supply shortage that continues to impact the cost of your print materials. Having said that, don’t let this have a negative impact on an upcoming marketing plan (including any future print campaigns).  By planning ahead, you can build your supply reserves and be prepared for any possible paper or supply shortages. You might even save on your marketing budget by having marketing materials printed right now instead of waiting for each time a new marketing campaign appears on your promotional calendar.

By using these top three print marketing strategy tips, your business will be prepared for any marketing challenges in the New Year.

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