Types of POP Displays

While it is likely that you are already familiar with POP displays, you might not know all of the POP display types available for your use. Keep reading as we share a list of every type of Point of Purchase (POP) display and how they benefit you.

First let’s define a POP display. This type of retail display showcases products in a physical space where they are easy to view and purchase. In other words, it is the location where the product is displayed to customers anywhere in the store.  On the other hand, Point of Sale (POS) displays are used at the point of sale AKA where products are purchased.

A POP display is designed to create product and brand awareness, generate an impulse buy, and elevate a promotion. In addition, POP displays can be categorized as Permanent, Semi-Permanent, or Temporary which means they will be spotlighted in stores for an extended time, a moderate amount of time, or a brief period of time.

Got it? If so, let’s dive into the different types of POP displays:

Floor Displays/Floor Stands

Floor displays can both hold items and explain them to customers while they are viewing the display. They are an ideal way to showcase a product and can be used in stores or at events such as trade shows. 

Counter Displays

Counter displays give you the ability to display items in an organized manner. This makes it easier for consumers to see items at eye-level and make a purchase decision. 

Shelf Talker

Shelf talkers hang from the edge of a shelf and provide information about products in a display area. They grab attention as shoppers browse a retail aisle and entice them to pick up a product.

Interactive Displays

Interactive displays elevate the consumer experience in a number of ways.  They can educate customers, provide a self-service experience, or guide visitors to seek more information. 

Dump BIns

Dump bins provide easy access to sale items, bulk inventory, or overstock merchandise. They work best in high traffic areas where they can be viewed and browsed by customers. 

Banner Stands

Banner stands can easily be placed at each entry and exit point of a store. They promote products and specials and build awareness of your special offerings. 

Display Cases

Displays cases store and showcase products at a retail store. The cases are closed on all sides by clear plastic or glass that gives the products an elevated appearance and appeal.

End Caps

End caps spotlight products by displaying them at the end of an aisle. This display area is considered to give products a competitive edge since they are generally highlighted on their own on the end cap. 

Pallet Displays

Pallet displays are displays in a store that are usually placed on a wooden pallet on the floor. They are a durable display option that can be used in almost any type of retail environment. 

Sidekick Displays or Power Wing Displays

This is a flexible display used for visual merchandising and it hangs off an end cap, aisle, or wall display. They maximize the use of store space and often feature items that can easily be removed from the display and placed in a cart for purchase. 

In-Line Displays

Inline displays are placed on shelves in an aisle and they feature items that can be described as impulse buys. They are often found in the checkout area of a retail store or supermarket.

While there are a few other types of POP Displays you could mention they are really just nuances of what you see in the list we’ve shared here. So now you know all of the POP Display types you can get to the fun part of deciding which of them you’ll use to promote your products and grow your brand. Need help getting that done? Contact us for more details.

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