Vinyl Banner Design Tips

A vinyl banner for your business is an important part of your marketing strategy that can really help increase your business’ visibility and therefore increase your ROI. So making sure that banner is not only seen, but also catches the attention of your target audience and drives them to either take action or come into your store is dependent on the design of your vinyl banner. In this article we will give you the ten best tips to create a vinyl banner that is sure to do just that!

Banner Design Tip #1: Know Your Surroundings

I’m sure you’ve been told to be aware of your surroundings, and when it comes to designing your vinyl banner, it’s no different. If you know where you are going to place your banner, you need to keep in mind what is surrounding it. Are there a lot of bright colors? Vibrant Prints? Busy backgrounds? If so, you may want to consider using a more monotone color banner, which will help your banner stand out from its surroundings. Likewise, if your banner is going to be surrounded by very muted colors, then you may want to consider a more vibrant option to grab the attention of your customer.

Banner Design Tip #2: Choose Your Font Accordingly

Not only do you need to consider the font size of your banner, but you also need to consider your font type. First let’s discuss font size. The size of your font will depend on a number of things. First you need to consider the size of your banner. Obviously if you have a smaller banner you will need to use a smaller font, and vice versa, if you have a larger banner, needing a larger font. Next, the font type. It’s important that the type of font or style of font that you select complements your brand and is also easy to read. If your audience is going to be reading your banner from farther away, you may want to use a bolder font to help with visibility. If your banner is going to be indoors and possibly read up close you could possibly get away with a font

Banner Design Tip #3: Consider a Double Sided Banner

Depending on where you are placing your banner you may want to consider a double sided banner. For example, if your banner is going to be mounted along a busy street a double sided banner would be beneficial to traffic coming from either way. However if you have a banner that will be mounted on a wall, a double sided banner doesn’t make much sense.

Banner Design Tip #4: Keep Your Message Concise

The size of your banner and where it will be placed will really determine the message on your banner. However, just because you have a larger banner doesn’t mean you should have more or content on it. Your banner may be larger because it will need to be read by traffic driving by, and if that’s the case you wouldn’t want to have excess copy since drivers only have a very short amount of time to read your message. So keeping your message short and concise will benefit the overall design of your banner.

Banner Design Tip #5: Colors to Consider

We all know that color impacts mood and decision making. Below we list out a number of different popular colors for banners, all of which generally elicit positive emotions and results.

Banner Design Tip #6: Keep Branding In Mind

I think it goes without saying to keep your branding in mind when designing your banner. However, some ways you can make sure to incorporate your branding in your banner design besides just adding your logo to the banner would be to use your brand’s font styles and colors. Your vinyl banner may not have the space to include your company logo, or at least not make it as large as you may like and if this is the case, then incorporating some of these other elements can help you stay on brand without taking up extra real estate in your vinyl banner design.

Banner Design Tip #7: Know the Size of Your Space

We’ve talked a lot about the size of your vinyl banner and how it plays into the design. But we haven’t talked about knowing what size you need to begin with and the space allotted for your banner. So before you can decide what size banner you want or need to begin your design, you will first need to know where it will live. If you have a very large space that will require a large banner, or it could get lost or go unnoticed. If you have a smaller space, you will obviously need a smaller banner or it could be too large and not fit appropriately.

Banner Design Tip #9: Consider Different Mounting Options

Your mounting options will also play a role in your vinyl banner design. For example, if you have reinforced grommets around your banner to use as mounting or hanging options it will take up space on your banner and leave just slightly less space for your design. If you use pole pockets for example, you will not have to account for holes in your banner and therefore will have more space for your design.

Banner Design Tip #9: Work With a Trusted Print Partner

Our last tip, but certainly not the least, is to make sure you are working with a trusted print partner. Innvoke will work with you to make sure all of these considerations are discussed and accounted for when designing your next vinyl banner. Before you go with just any print partner, make sure they are taking these design tips into consideration when designing your banner.

Now that you know the top 9 vinyl banner design tips, you can be sure to feel confident in the overall design and look of your next banner.

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