What are the Most Popular Wide Format Graphics?

For many years, wide format banners and other popular wide format graphics options have been in high demand. At one time or another, every type of wide format product has been a popular choice but customers still ask us to name the most popular wide format graphics currently on the market. They want to know because, the more popular the wide format product, the more likely it will generate the ROI and marketing results they desire.

Keep reading to discover all of the popular wide format graphics available to you.


Banners can be placed indoors or outdoors and they generate interest in your sale, promotion, or event. Some of the most popular banner choices include:

Window Graphics

Window graphics can actually be a variety of items including window decals, window clings, and frosting/texturing as part of the design. Window graphics are an image that is placed on an self-adhesive substrate and then placed on a window glass to promote a business. The use of frosting or texturing adds an additional decorative element when it comes to sharing business information, spotlighting a logo, or providing privacy while still promoting a business.

Wall Graphics

Wall graphics are exactly what the name says..They are a graphic that is printed for display on the wall of a business. They can be created using a variety of materials such as fabric or vinyl. Wall graphics can be temporary or permanent and are often used to brand a business, share information, or personalize a business environment.

Business Signs

Business signs are a sign that publicly displays or shares information that is presented as words, graphics, or symbols. The signage can be in the form of stretched awnings that are over the entrance to a company, backlit signage that uses a light box and printed graphics to display a marketing message, a-frame signs that stand outside of a business, and signage that is on the door of a company. They all perform the same task of drawing attention to a business and creating interest on the part of the public.

From wide format banners to graphics that are placed on signs, windows, and walls, we have you covered when it comes to popular wide format graphics options.

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