What makes a promo product effective?

The world of promotional products includes multiple branded items and there is a good reason for that. Promo products have proven to be quite effective at expanding your branding and keeping you top of mind to the public . But, what makes a promo product effective for your business? In this article, we will share why promotional products are effective, the benefits you gain from using them, and also share a promo product example for an in-depth look at why it is effective.

Qualities of an Effective Promotional Product

The items listed below are just some of the qualities your next promotional product should include. While a product might not be able to incorporate all of these qualities, their inclusion helps when promoting your business.


When deciding on promotional items, the first aspect you want to keep in mind is how often the target audience will use this product. If the answer is “quite often,” you are on the right track. The more a person will use your promotional item, the more it will be seen by them as well as others around them. This will generate greater brand awareness for your business and also keep you top of mind.

Highly Visible

You also need to consider how often a product will be seen by your potential customers or others they connect with on a daily basis. For example, a coffee mug that is used and placed on a desk each day will be seen all morning long by anyone who comes into the office or passes it in the hall. Keeping promotional items as visible as possible is another consideration for your promo products.


A well-designed promotional product is an important factor to consider as most people prefer items they find attractive and appealing. For example, having a well-designed promotional baseball cap or even a pen makes a person want to use them more often.


Another factor you should consider is the relevance of the product to your brand. A relevant promotional item helps the potential client or customer associate the product with your business. For example, a tech company that hands out personalized USB drives helps the target audience associate the company with technology.


The quality of your product is a major consideration as no one wants to use an item that does not work well. In fact, most promotional items of lesser quality usually end up in the trash which is not a good use of your marketing dollars. Make sure you select a quality product for your next promo item.

Benefits of Using Promotional Products

Now that you know the factors that make promo products extremely effective, let’s discuss the benefits of the products. Here are some of the top benefits promotional products provide to your business:

Promo Product Benefit 1 – Increased Awareness

Many people don’t know who you are yet. Promo products enable you to increase your visibility and brand awareness.

Promo Product Benefit 2 – Increased Brand Recognition

The use of promotional products to gain brand recognition occurs when more people see your brand. The more eyes that are on your brand, the more people recognize who you are & what you do.

Promo Product Benefit 3 – Strong Brand Recall

Promo products deliver a high level of brand recall. This means the public knows who you are and will think of you first when considering who to visit for a service or purchase.

Promo Product Benefit 4 – Higher Customer Retention

Promotional products create brand loyalty which will help you retain customers for a longer period of time.

Promo Product Benefit 5 – Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

Promotional products are affordable which makes them a budget-friendly and valuable marketing tool.

Promo Product Benefit 6 – Generates Leads & Sales from Passive Referrals

The added visibility from promo products ensures others see your brand which leads them to your company to get a project quote and/or make a purchase.

Example of an Effective Promo Product

Here is an example of how a classic promo product can be effective for businesses. A branded water bottle can feature your logo, website URL and even your phone number. In addition, the water bottle can include your brand colors for even stronger brand awareness. Your brand will also enjoy additional exposure when the public is at an event, attending networking opportunities, or playing sports (to name a few).

You can even take your branding a step further by ensuring the promo product design matches its use in certain situations. For example, if you sponsor a soccer team, be sure and include soccer imagery so it gets used at games and during practice. On the other hand, if you are targeting higher end customers, choose an elegant application of your brand with a trendier product to match your audience.

At this point you have to agree that promotional products can be very effective, you know the reasons, so now there really “is no reason” to wait any longer on getting your next promo product order in! Let us know what you’re trying to get created and we can help.

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