What to Include in Your Healthcare Brochure

Printed healthcare brochures are an educational tool that benefits both physicians and patients. The effectiveness of brochures in healthcare marketing often starts with designing a brochure that includes the information the doctor wants to share as well as containing information patients need to know about location, hours, and medical services available at the office. Even though healthcare brochures have been a successful educational marketing tool in the past, are they still useful in the digital world? Read below to discover the answer! 

Effective Patient Education Brochures Start with Visuals

Many medical brochures make the mistake of including any and all information they have on each procedure performed by the office and each condition they treat. Quite frankly, no one wants to read what appears to be a small novel in a medical brochure. They also don’t want to squint to read small text on the brochure. Instead, minimize your text and let the visuals drive the copy. 

List the conditions you treat as bullet points and include the highlights of each treatment. You can include visuals related to the condition or categorize them with graphics of body parts impacted by the condition. The goal of the brochure is not to make someone an expert on every condition you treat. The goal is to create interest in your services, increase awareness of your practice, and prompt the reader to go to your website for more information or to call and schedule an appointment.

Medical Brochure Covers Need To Attracts Patients

The cover is the first thing a patient sees when looking at a medical brochure.  Don’t make the mistake of having a cover that contains too much information that is hard to process.  The healthcare brochure cover should make the patient want to pick up the item and read the information. Your cover should feature an attractive picture with smiling faces that project the image of a friendly office.

Use these tips to create compelling healthcare brochure covers that are also attractive in appearance:

Types of Information to Include in Your Medical Brochure

Don’t Forget a CTA in your Healthcare Brochure

Incorporating an effective call-to-action (CTA) is imperative to your success. A call-to-action in healthcare brochures gets your audience to take a desired action whether it is going to your website, calling the office or downloading information.  

The effectiveness of brochures in healthcare marketing relies on designing a brochure that is informative and easy to understand. If you need help with your healthcare brochures design and production, call us today.

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