The short answer to the question above is…”Yes, direct mail campaigns are more effective than ever before”.  Even though direct mail marketing pieces and email marketing campaigns get response rates that are similar to each other, a recent study found direct mail marketing campaigns tend to generate purchases that are five times larger than email campaigns. 

In addition, the combination of email with direct mail led to the best results of all in the study: The result was purchases that were six times larger than those generated only by email. Young people receive hundreds of emails a day covering a variety of subjects but they only receive a few pieces of actual mail each day.  The sending of physical direct mail to your target audience is an effective way to stand out from the competition as it creates a personalized experience.

Thanks to modern technology, direct mail is making more of an impact than ever before.  Modern direct mail is driven by data as well as hyper-targeted. Plus, direct mail pieces can be personalized thanks to variable data printing, pURLs and QR codes.  

Modern Direct Mail is Data-Driven and Hyper-Targeted

We know that current strategies devised by marketers greatly depend on data! Modern direct mail marketing strategies are designed to leverage customer data in order to hyper-target and personalize each interaction in a way that digital channels are not able to achieve. Every aspect of a direct mail piece, from customer names, copy, images, logos, offers, URLs, and QR codes can be personalized for each piece by segmenting relevant customer data including:

Get Higher Open Rates With Personalized Direct Mail

It is almost a certainty that someone in your CRM does not have the actual name, “Current Resident.” Direct mail pieces that are addressed to “Current Resident” are likely to be thrown away because people know the content is nothing more than a generic message.

On the other hand, response rates for personalized mail pieces have been shown to be 300% higher than non-personalized mail pieces. This statistic shows why it is critical to utilize modern personalization technology at all times.

State-of-the-art technology like variable data printing and advanced data processing give you the ability to personalize every printed piece in a single print run performed at high-speed. For example, if you want to send a direct mail campaign to 50,000 customers, you can personalize each piece of mail (and the envelope) to address the unique desires, pain points and interests of the targeted individual.

Plus, personalization is a powerful reporting tool that allows marketers to generate and study critical data regarding the effectiveness of the campaign. Unique QR codes and personalized URLS (pURLS) can track the success of a campaign and provide insights for future digital marketing efforts.

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