Direct Mail Marketing Services

When we are constantly immersed in a digital world, the tangible forms of marketing like direct mail can have a significant impact. At Innvoke, we help you harness the power of personalized mailing, political mailers, survey mailing, and more with our direct mail marketing services to help you tap into your target audience.


Launching effective direct mail campaigns is no simple feat. You need to manage your customer lists, sort, collate, stuff envelopes, and properly fold and seal the mail. Not only does it need to comply with US Post Office regulations, but it needs to be affordable and have trackable results so that you can achieve a higher ROI. An experienced partner can expertly take care of all aspects of your direct mail campaign.

Direct Mail Marketing Services

We offer all of the following direct mail marketing services to help your company achieve your goals:

Personalized mailing is exactly what it sounds like: mail that is catered specifically to individual customers. This could include printing; One example of this is matched mailing. This means that if your mailing might have multiple components that are personalized, such as an envelope and a document inside, the pieces will be matched by a machine to ensure that the names, addresses, and any other personalized components are matched up correctly.

Whether you’re running for a school board position in your town or are aspiring to a higher office in your state, political mailers can help you quickly convey the most important aspects of your platform to your potential constituents. Political campaign mailers will also help to keep your name top-of-mind on Election Day.

Want to know what your customers or patients think about a service that you provided for them recently? Are you looking to get feedback on a new product? Survey mail can help you find out exactly what your customers are thinking and provide valuable feedback on how to improve your services.

Are you mailing poly-wrapped catalogs, a mailer with an item such as a coin inside, or an otherwise non-standard envelope? Unique mailing items such as these can make a significant impact, but they are considered nonmachinable. These nonmachinable mail pieces of mail must be sorted outside of the standard process and are subject to an additional charge for first class mail. We’ll help you figure out the hard stuff.

When you are sending mail with personally identifiable information mail, it is critical that it is sent securely and protected from anyone that should not view it. If this personally identifiable information also includes medical information, then it must comply with HIPAA rules. If you are sending direct mail of this nature, you need to send it as first class mail in order for the information to be secure. Standard mail is not acceptable.

Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM) is a service from the US Postal Service that is an excellent choice for local businesses that have a broad appeal in their area, such as restaurants, retail stores, and home services. You can send postcards announcing your grand opening, flyers with a special discount, or even your takeout menu. The best part about Every Door Direct Mail® is that you can get very granular with your targeting by narrowing down your selection by age, income level, and specific neighborhoods. It is also an economical choice, because the mail does not need to be sorted by name and address.

There are two options for EDDM: Retail or bulk mailing at a Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU). Retail is the best choice for most local businesses and political campaigns, while BMEU is the preferred choice for large volume mailers.

While you can print mail for EDDM yourself, a direct mail marketing company like Innvoke can help to ensure that not only does the finished product look professional, but that it also complies with USPS guidelines. The mailpieces will need to meet the physical standards for flats, which include:

  • Between 1/4” and 3/4”; or if under 1/4”, piece must be a minimum of 5” long, 3-½” high, and 0.007” thick
  • More than 11-½” long, or more than 6-1/8″ high
  • Not more than 15” long, or more than 12” high
  • Uniform thickness
  • Not wrapped or in an envelope or sleeve

Self-mailers have their own specific regulations based on the shape and number of folds. It is important that the tabs or glue used to seal the self-mailer are placed in the correct location. We are familiar with the current USPS guidelines for self-mailers, and we can make sure that your mailer meets their requirements.



Direct Mail Solutions for Your Business

Direct mail advertising can be a vital component of a robust multi-channel marketing strategy — and the right partner is essential to make the most of your direct mail campaign. Contact us today to learn more about taking advantage of everything that direct mail advertising has to offer. We have direct mail solutions helping businesses grow.

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