Benefits of UV Spot Coating

Have you ever noticed a glossy finish on part of a design of a printed product? Perhaps you’ve seen this on packaging, business cards or even magazines.  This glossy finish is known as spot UV coating and it’s a printing technique that can enhance and elevate your printed product. UV coating is one of the most popular effects used in the printing industry today, and for good reason. 

Let’s take a look at what UV print coating is exactly, how it can be used and the benefits it adds to your final printed product. 

What is UV Spot Coating?

UV spot coating is a clear varnish that can be applied to specific areas of a print project. Much like the way ink is added to a project, varnish is a liquid applied via a cylinder during the printing process. Afterwards, the varnish will need to be cured using a UV light (AKA spot UV coating). This option adds both a reflective property to a project along with a textural component that draws attention to a certain part of a project. UV print coating offers a number of benefits that help your business along with your customers and the environment. 

Benefits of UV Print Coating

One of the main benefits of UV spot coating is the improved durability it provides printed materials. The UV varnish forms a protective layer on the printed material so it is much more resistant to wear and tear as time passes on items such as business cards, brochures, and frequently handled promotional materials.

UV print coating allows you to customize the process and your product by selecting the areas of the print materials to which the effect is applied. This customization can become part of your product’s branding and make it more luxurious. 

UV coating is an environmentally friendly option that uses less ink and produces fewer emissions than the traditional printing process. In general, it is a more sustainable choice for any of your print needs. 

UV spot coating also enhances the overall appearance of printed materials thanks to a glossy finish, created by the UV varnish, that adds a professional and compelling touch to your prints.

Traditional printing methods can take anywhere from 12-24 hours of drying time. However with spot UV coating, drying times are practically instantaneous.  This reduces production time and allows for faster turnaround and shipping times.

How to Incorporate Spot UV Printing Into Your Products

Spot UV coating is a great way to increase durability to your printed products, stand out from your competitors and get your potential customers to notice your brand. But you may be asking yourself how you can incorporate this highly effective printing technique into your print materials and we’re here to help. Below is a list of different print products where you could utilize UV print coating.

UV spot coating offers multiple benefits to your printed materials. If you want high-quality, long-lasting marketing materials, consider UV spot coating in order to give your prints the extra gloss and protection they need.

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