3 Ways To Increase Your ROI With Custom Store Signage

It is a known fact in the business world that direct mail marketing services have the ability to grow your business even with the rise of digital marketing. Having said that, you need to make sure you are taking the right steps to ensure your direct mail connects with your audience and inspires them to take the action desired by your company. The first step is partnering with a quality direct mail printer. With a reputable direct mail vendor as part of your team, you can be assured your mailings reflect the vision of your business as well as your mission statement in order to produce maximum results.

To help make sure your direct mail print partner has the experience you need, we’ve outlined four items to focus on when looking for a service provider.

How To Decide if A Printer Does Quality Direct Mail

  • How much direct mail experience does the printer have? The value of a highly experienced direct mail printer is vital to getting the most out of your direct mail campaigns. A company that has experience in direct mail printing services can share ideas and offer suggestions that are the result of years of conducting direct mail campaigns. A printer that has produced thousands of assets has valuable insights into features that decide the success or failure of direct mail campaigns.
  • Does your printer share proofs before printing?  Is your printer not willing to let you see proof copies before printing a full job? That is a red flag!!! While you don’t want to make editorial changes from proofs, you certainly want to make sure the piece has the desired aesthetic look that includes the right codes along with the pages in the right order, clear plates, and more.
  • How responsive is the printer to your inquiries? If you have a last-minute addition to the piece you’re printing or you realize you have incorrect information in the copy, you want to know you can call your direct mail vendor in order to make the changes you need. You don’t have time to deal with voicemail that requires you to leave a message while also hoping they respond before the job goes to press. Contact your prospective printer a few times to see his availability and how quickly he gets back to you. 

Direct Mail Service Questions That You Should Ask Up Front

Here are some questions you need to ask your printer before hiring them for your direct mail marketing services. While some of these questions might seem obvious, we believe in building trust and a long-lasting relationship with our clients. We want to learn about their business while also educating them about our company so we can produce excellent printing for all of their projects.  

  • What direct mail formats do you handle?
    Not all direct mail vendors handle all formats and they might not even not handle their preferred formats very well. Since postcards get a higher average response rate than mail delivered in envelopes, ask for examples of how well they handle this format especially if you plan on using this print option in the future. Having this knowledge can save you time and money and let you know if you picked the right print partner. 
  • What is the total cost (including postage)?
    Before signing with a direct mail printer, make sure you understand the costs because nothing reduces your ROI like unforeseen fees. The prices some software providers show on their websites don’t include all aspects of the print process. Make sure you know whether the price quote includes postage, color printing options, design services, customer support and marketing automation integrations.
  • Do you offer direct mail A/B split testing?
    Running an A/B test is an important aspect of direct mail marketing services so ask if the printer has analytics services that provide campaign feedback that judges their effectiveness and measures ROI.  
  • What kind of customer support is available?
    We recommend making sure customer support is available because you will have questions at some point. Ask about email support, live chat and after hours services.
  • How can you help integrate my direct mail campaigns with my other print marketing efforts?
    Direct mail is a great way to reach customers.  However, if your printer can create printed promotional items, event banners, and signage to go with the direct mail campaign, it could help gain new customers, retain existing customers and grow your bottom line.

When you are ready to start planning your next direct mail campaign, call us for advice and insights into creating a successful campaign.

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